Maternity care

Maternity care!

Kraamzorg Het Maantje believes it’a important that the maternity nurse supports you and your family with high-quality care in a personal and professional manner. We want this time a rock in the surf for your entire family.

Tasks of the maternity care nurse

If the care starts by home delivery, for assistance the midwife:
– The maternity care nurse takes care of the mother during and after the delivery. 
– The maternity care nurse takes care of the baby immediately after the birth. 
– The maternity care nurse provides to clean up the room where the delivery has taken place.

During the maternity period:
– Take care of and check on the mother and baby.
– Take care of and pay attention to other family members or maternity visits.
– Observe and report the state of health of mother and baby.
– Inform and instruct about feeding, care and hygiene.
– Support by breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
– Emotional support (if necessary).
– The maternity care nurse works together closely with your midwife and family doctor and consult if appropriate.  

Household chores:
– Change beds from mother and baby. 
– Vacuuming and dusting the maternity room, nursery, living room and kitchen. 
– Cleaning the sanitary facilities.
– Take care of the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner in agreement). 
– Do the laundry and dishwashing.

How many hours of maternity care can you get?

The number of hours and days of maternity care depends on your family status, the conduct of the delivery and your recovery after delivery. To indicate the number of hours we follow the national directives that were agreed by all dutch health insurers, maternity care companies and the dutch Healthcare Authority.

If there are no particulars you will get 49 hours in 8 days after the delivery by breastfeeding and 45 hours by bottle feeding.

When do you know how many hours you get?

There are 3 moments indicating the number of hours we need to take care of you and support you in the best way: by the intake interview, directly after the birth and during the maternity week.

During the intake interview it’s determined by: 
– The conduct of the pregnancy. 
– The conduct of any previous pregnancies and deliveries.
– Your medical situation and from any other children or family members. 
– Breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
– Your domestic situation.
– Your personal wishes and needs.
– Other matters we talk about at the intake conversation. 

Less or more hours?

On the first day of maternity care the nurse considers the situation together with you. If there are any complications it could be possible you won’t recover so quickly. Or maybe breastfeeding needs more support and help.The nurse will discuss your midwife and she may decide to indicate more hours. Besides some extra hours in the 8 days she also has the opportunity to extend the maternity care with two extra days. We call that the 9th and 10th day of care. So in that case you will get 10 days, calculated from the day of delivery.

What happens with my hours by home delivery?

By home delivery your midwife will contact us when she needs assistance. This occurs at an advanced stage of the delivery process. The nurses from Kraamzorg Het Maantje are available 24/7 so they are ready to go when you need them. If you want the maternity care nurse to be present earlier, your health insurer could reimburse those extra hours. You can announce this by the intake. Don’t forget to inform your midwife about this so she can call us when it’s needly.

What happens with my hours by a hospital delivery?

Please call us before you’re coming home so one of our nurses will be present when you arrive. If you have to stay in the hospital, you’ll possibly have less hours. We calculate from the day of delivery until the day you’re coming home. The day you’re coming home is included for maternity care. So when you deliver on monday and:
– you come home on monday you’ll get 8 days out of 8.
– you come home on tuesday you’ll get 7 days out of 8 (in this case you’ll stay 1 day in the hospital).
– you come home on wednesday you’ll get 6 days out of 8 (in this case you’ll stay 2 days in the hospital). 
– you come home on the 10th day after delivery, you still can get maternity care. Please contact us in this present case.

When you have to stay 10 days more after the day of delivery, the regular days of maternity care expire. It’s dependent on the health insurer or possibly an additional health insurance if you can get incubator aftercare or delayed maternity care. In this case we advise you to access your policy conditions or contact your health insurer to check what’s reimbursement. In most dutch basic insurances it’s not but if you still need maternity care we can offer you particular rates. Please call us in this situation so we can help and support you.