Kraamzorg Het Maantje stands for quality and personalized care. To offer this, we have close cooperation with companies with the same passion for our profession. This will be to your advantage. Besides the fact we offer everything you need, it could be financially attractive for you as a client of Kraamzorg Het Maantje.


Your midwife will support you during the pregnancy, the childbed and after the delivery. She will monitor you throughout the process and make ultrasounds to determine the time of pregnancy and for checking the development of the fetus.

We have very good contacts with all midwives in our working area.



Private pregnancy yoga classes

With great pleasure, Petra Lemans has been teaching pregnancy yoga as a preparation for childbirth for over 15 years. She gives private lessons at your home between weeks 25 and 35 of your pregnancy. Yoga balances body and mind and by learning breathing techniques and relaxation exercises you are well prepared for the birth of your child. If you are insured for this, you can claim the costs from your health insurer. She is also a certified baby massage teacher and will be happy to teach you how to massage your child.

For information: 06-388 24 988

Lactation Consultant

We have a announced partnership with lactation consultant Anouk Bolhaar from Mama Vitaal.


About Anouk
The period of breastfeeding is a special moment in the life of mother and child. It usually gets through but sometimes it disappoints you. If it doesn’t go as you expect, some support would help you and make breastfeeding nice and special again. Anouk as a lactation consultant is specialized in breastfeeding and supporting mothers by giving it. 

Anouk has been a lactation consultant for 7 years now. She is the mother of 2 boys, 1 girl and is expecting her 4th child. She worked as a consultant when her first child came. She knew everything by theory but learned the most in practical. 

As lactation consultant she gained a lot of experience in supporting mothers & babies by breastfeeding. Together with her own experience as a mother from 3 breastfeeding babies she can say she found her true vocation and that’s helping other mothers and giving them confidence and pleasure with breastfeeding.


Anouk can help you with:

– Help and support by breastfeeding (a consult could be reimbursed if you have additional insurance). 

– Making your own breastfeeding plan during your pregnancy (a prenatal consultation could be reimbursed if you have additional insurance). 

– Follow a course or class to learn everything about breastfeeding for the best start for you and your baby. Course taught at various locations. 

– For rent a flask, when you need extra support by starting breastfeeding.

In coordination with our nurses, Anouk will be available during your maternity week if you have any problems or questions. 

Anouk visits you at home by a prenatal breastfeeding consultation. She distinguishes herself from her colleagues by supporting mothers during the whole process and not just for once. She starts from the moment of pregnancy, after the birth and keeps going for example by WhatsApp or phone to give you tips and personal advice. Successful breastfeeding for all mothers and babies is Anouk’s purpose. 

Anouk hopes to open her own breastfeeding shop in a short time where she can give courses about flasking, breastfeeding and starting her breastfeedingcafé for mothers(-to-be).


MediPlus maternity equipment

Do you need the right equipment during your pregnancy and maternity period? In this time you can use equipment like bed-risers, bed pan or a shower chair. This stuff will be reimbursed by the most health insurers. 

Kraamzorg Het Maantje found their partner in equipment by MediPlus. They deliver and pick up for free! MediPlus helps you declare by your health insurer. In this way MidiPlus unburder you!

We tell and explain more about MediPlus by your intake conversation.