Welcome to ‘Kraamzorg Het Maantje’

For a bright postpartum period!

Are you pregnant and in need for care from a professional and personal maternity care organization? Where you can use many additional services that we offer our families, like (almost) free of charge private pregnancy lessons and a free subscripton to our digital information and instruction video’s? (Also take a look at our tab “collaboration” for more information.


We look forward to welcoming you! Our team of maternity care nurses are in command of the Dutch and English language.  


We from Kraamzorg Het Maantje aim to offer you and your whole family a wonderful maternity period. We take care of the mother, the baby but also the father and potential brothers and sisters. In some families pets have a special place in the hearts which we pay attention to because the newborn child has an impact one every single family member. That’s why it’s important to get everyone involved.  


The recruitment of our nurses isn’t only based on a degree but also the love for their profession. Because maternity care is something you have to give from your heart, from your passion to give the family, in a beautiful and hectic moment, the most wonderful time!  


After years and years, you will look back on an unforgettable maternity period with many very fond memories. Also take a look at ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’ for our personal reviews. 


Our nurses will give you information, advice and carry out the daily health checks for mother and child. Some household chores are also part of their tasks. A number of tasks carried out every day in terms of hygiene requirements. Besides that, the nurses would help you with other household chores by common accord. It’s all about what you need and that’s one of the importants things we will talk about by the personal intake. For this, our intaker, who is also a nurse, visits you at home.  

It’s possible you have other needs after the delivery then you discussed by the intake. For example because the delivery might not go as you expect. Indeed, you can’t take a look in the future which is not a problem for us. After the delivery, your nurse will discuss your needs and if you want together with your partner and possible other family members. With the aim the best and beautiful time for you all.  


The nurse who is specially selected for you will come to you immediately when the baby is born. Would you like to deliver at home? Then we’re also ready to take care of you and your family, together with your midwife.  


We think it’s important one nurse to take care of the family. This is better for the family and the nurse. You’ll find out there will create a special bond between each other because the maternity period is very important and therefore intensive. That’s the reason nurses want to stay with you from the beginning to the end of the maternity period. 


In addition to physical maternity care, maternity care Het Maantje also offers the possibility to use digital instruction and information. For this we have a partnership with Babybalance. Tall of videos and instructions can be found on this platform. All free of charge can be purchased for you if you have registered with maternity care Het Maantje. Read more about this under our collaborations tab.


We have a close collaboration with Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje. We found each other because of our shared vision about maternity care and way of working. Take a look at ‘collaboration tab’ and see the special offers and promotions you get as a client from ‘Het Maantje’.

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You can already sign up by us. It’s very simple with the registration form.


Our office is located in The Hague / Voorburg and our working area is the whole region of The Hague and surrounding municipalities. This includes:

  • Benthuizen
  • Berkel en Rodenrijs
  • Bergschenhoek
  • Bleiswijk
  • Boskoop
  • Capelle aan den IJssel
  • De Lier
  • Delfgauw
  • Delft
  • Den Haag (The Hague)
  • Den Hoorn
  • Gelderswoude
  • Gouda
  • ‘s-Gravenzande
  • Hazerswoude-Dorp
  • Hoek van Holland
  • Honselersdijk
  • Kijkduin (Den Haag)
  • Leiden
  • Leidschendam
  • Leidschenveen
  • Maasdijk
  • Maasland
  • Maassluis
  • Midden-Delfland
  • Moerkapelle
  • Monster 
  • Moordrecht
  • Naaldwijk
  • Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
  • Nootdorp
  • Oegstgeest
  • Pijnacker
  • Poeldijk
  • Rijswijk
  • Rotterdam (North of the Maas river)
  • Scheveningen
  • Schiedam
  • Schipluiden
  • Ter Heijde
  • Vlaardingen
  • Voorburg
  • Waddinxveen
  • Wateringen
  • Westland
  • Ypenburg
  • Zevenhuizen (Zuidplas)
  • Zoetermeer
  • Zoeterwoude 
  • Zuidplas

Insurers and certificates

We have contracts with all (Dutch) health insurers and some international as Cigna and Allianz. We’re also completely certified. We are:

  • HKZ certified (Harmonisation Quality Assessment in the healthcare sector). 

  • Breastfeeding certified (Organization Healthcare and Breastfeeding). 

  • Member of trade association ‘BO Geboortezorg’ (BO Maternity care). 

  • Approved learning company SSB.