About us

About us

Kraamzorg Het Maantje is a personal and professional maternity care company who wants you to offer a beautiful and unforgettable maternity periode together with our enthusiastic and expertise maternity care nurses. 

Our team is characterized by their conscious choice and their passion for providing care. You will expire those passions, enthusiasm and expertise during your maternity period. Kraamzorg Het Maantje not only means care for mother and baby but we shouldn’t forget the father, brothers and sisters. Good care for the baby and a great maternity period is important for them too.  The passion for the profession of our nurses will be visible in their way of working. They’ll set you and your family first and for them there’s nothing else then leaving you when you feel happy and satisfied.

Due to its composition, our team is also used to providing very good care to expats and multilingual families. In addition to a number of Dutch maternity nurses, our team also has maternity nurses from Greece, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Afghanistan and Eritrea. We think it is great to also provide maternity care to non-native speakers. 

Our office is located at Schuifmaat 14 (unit J) in The Hague. You’re always welcome to visit and meet us. Please call us before you want to come so you’re sure one of us will be present. You can also contact us by phone: 088-795 00 69 or by email: info@kraamzorghetmaantje.nl.

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Address: Schuifmaat 14 Unit J 2594 AM Den Haag

Phone: 088-795 00 69 (local rate)
– option 1 for administration and general (office hours).
– option 2 for delivery and emergencies (24/7).

Email: info@kraamzorghetmaantje.nl

Privacy and disclaimer

Kraamzorg Het Maantje only uses the identity of visitors to reply to their questions and tenders with the aim to offer you the best care you need.. We take care of your privacy according to dutch privacy laws.

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If you want to access our settlement of complaints please contact us by info@kraamzorghetmaantje.nl.